Digital Awareness

Digital Awareness


According to a survey, in the year 2023, 60% of the population of our country will have smart and digital devices like smartphones, computers, laptops etc. Out of this, only 20% of the population knows how to use these tools properly, the remaining 40% of the population does not know how to use these tools properly or they do not have the right understanding, they do not have that education, and most of them live in villages and villages. live in towns. And most of them are the young population of our country, who spend most of their time in these modern devices playing games, chatting, watching shorts videos and doing unnecessary gossips in calls with friends, if we consider the population of our country. If we start educating people about digital devices in villages and towns, what will be the benefit to our country and population? for example

Net Banking (UPI)

Online booking

Online Bill Payment

Online Shopping

Cyber Security

QR code information

Selling old stuff online

Will also make people aware about the e-rupee to be launched by the government in the coming times. The main objective of our organization is to create awareness about digital in the people of the village and town.